D-HAT™ Hydrogen Infusion System

Under intensive scientific and technical development since 2005, the D-HAT™ (Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technology) is the only hydrogen infusion system on the market that has been proven (with millions of miles of testing) to be effective in reducing fuel consumption, improving fuel burn efficiency, and reducing maintenance requirements... all while saving you money and helping green the planet.

Want Proof?

Our Technology Evaluation report summarizes third-party testing results so that you can make confident conclusions on specific emission and/or fuel performance improvements resulting from the use of the

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The Science Behind Hydrogen Infusion

Hydrogen burns significantly faster than diesel fuel, and with a significantly lower Flammability Limit. These factors lead to small amounts of hydrogen having significant positive effects on diesel fuel combustion. The first and most important effect is that the hydrogen promotes a faster and more complete burn of the diesel fuel, closer to the top of the power stroke in a diesel engine. This leads to increased thermal efficiency, which leads to less fuel spent for a given amount of work. In addition, hydrogen has a significant stabilizing effect on cycle-to-cycle variations in combustion, which leads to further efficiency improvements.

The addition of hydrogen to the combustion cycle also has significant effects reducing unburned hydrocarbons (carbon deposits), both due to the properties of hydrogen in combustion itself and the increased thermal efficiency resulting from the hydrogen-enhanced combustion. A faster and more complete burn leads to dramatic reductions in unburned hydrocarbons (Particulate Matter), and in carbon monoxide (CO). The increased fuel economy leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide levels (CO2), and the higher thermal efficiency of the combustion cycle leads to lower exhaust temperatures, which leads to a reduction in nitrous oxides (NOx).